What We Do

What We Do

We are reviewers of the several online casinos that exist online today. We have gained a reputation amongst users for our honest and extensive reviews. So much so, that the online gambling industry is happy to be rated by us. When we undertake the responsibility to review a website, we ensure we go through the tiniest of details because we are aware that users put their money into these gaming sites based on our reviews.

So, when we review we pay close attention to the following

Installations A whole bunch of cookies and software is downloaded into the user’s computer or laptop once you sign up with a website. While this is, ok and is usually tested thoroughly by the websites, there may be certain websites which may not take the care and precautions required. This is where we come in. Our reviewers install the programs on our systems to check how user-friendly it is and the problems if any.

Speed Issues Speed is critical when you are playing online and especially since most people play for a few hours to relax and spend some time away from work. If the program or software itself is slow, you will end up spending way too much time waiting for the features or program to load. Our reviewers analyze all of this and will give a write up about the same while reviewing a website.

Services Nobody wants to encounter customer service unless they must. Unless you hit a problem you usually do not have to contact a customer service representative. Our people make it one of their top priorities to review the customer service department of these gambling sites. We have various criteria on which we rate them like how easy it is to contact them, what means of communication they have and how quickly the payouts happen.