Architectural Trends That You Can Expect to See Over The Next Ten Years


When you wonder about how the future world would be like, one thing we all want to know and see is the look of the future world. Our world would need a lot of different and creative architectural ideas to cope with the problems which we have on our hands today. However, the great thing is that we’re already seeing some of the most innovative ideas coming to the surface from bright young minds. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas which might become a reality in the next ten years.

Rotating Skyscrapers

Rotating Skyscrapers was the idea of the architect David Fisher. All the floors of the rotating skyscrapers will be designed to move slowly, completing one rotation in about one and a half hours. The movement would be almost ghostly, and you won’t feel any dizziness or sickness due to the rotation. With this idea, all four directions would get covered so the concerns about the apartment facing, would become a thing of the past.

Disaster-Proof Homes

A fort-like home made up of concrete and iron was designed for a series called Dauphin Island. The house was like a fusion of a bunker, a beach hut, and a spaceship. The idea of a home like this could be the perfect solution for the people who live near the coast, especially in the high probability of disaster areas. Their homes repeatedly get washed away by storms and hurricanes, leaving them no option but to rebuild it again.

3D-Printed Interiors

3D- Printed interior is the way forward in interior designing of the homes. You’ll need to choose a design you love from various 3D models, and it will get printed as it is, in your home. This whole process will be very flexible and quick. The great thing about the 3D interior is that there are endless options. You can turn the interior of your home into the interior of a cathedral or a 15th-century fort; the choice is yours.

Indoor Parks

The idea of indoor parks is based on the thought of creating a landscape having the best of both the natural and human-made world. Indoor parks will feature controlled wind, simulated daylight, and regulated temperatures, which will make it a great option to hang out 24/7, all year long. Also, extreme weather will be out of the equation in these parks.

Wooden Skyscrapers

With the increasing problem of global warming and climate change, the world would require less polluting construction ideas for the future. Wooden Skyscrapers might be the perfect answer to this need. Wood structures are environment-friendly and provide a healthy and comfortable indoor vibe.

Sci-fi Skylines

Think about a city which has a skyline, just like the cities in your favorite sci-fi movie or the one which you imagine in your fantasy world. This idea could become a reality in the future. Architects will also design the skylines, not just the buildings, and every building will play a critical role in achieving that skyline.

Sci-fi Skylines
Sci-fi Skylines