Architecture Trivia


People have been building shelters for thousands of years. Overthe years there was a lot of progress on this end, because people moved to different climates or the conditions changed over time, and it required moredurable shelters. Then urbanization happened, and different types of building were required to fulfill certain roles, that’s how the profession ofarchitecture came to be. It’s not surprising at all, that during those long years of progress unlikely events happened.

Lego made special bricks for architects

Sonof the Lego Founder Kirk Christiansen tried to build his house from Lego bricks, but because Lego bricks only have 5 to 6 width to height ration itdidn’t come out to scale. He created Modulex in 1963. It was a project just forfun but had architects in mind and was based on the idea of perfect cubes. Theproject was unsuccessful and was discontinued in 1970s.

“Ideal Palace” from stones

Ferdinand Cheval was a French postman, he spent thirty-three years of his life picking upstones while delivering mail. Not random stones, but specifically sandstones, that are molded by water and time into marvelous shapes. Using just them hebuilds a statute called the “Ideal Palace” in a small town called Hauterives in South eastern France.  In 1969 it was designated as a cultural landmark andit is considered as an example of naïve art.

Empire State building profitable decks

This building is the most famous office space in the world, but the view from the102 story brings the most money in.  In 2013, the company who owns the Empire state building became a publicly traded company, that means their reports where accessible to everyone. They revealed that in 2014, rented outoffice spaces generated 104 million USD dollars in revenue, while the 2 deckswere the real money makers and brought in 111 million US dollars, which is 40%of the total revenue.

Leader of 9/11 attacks was an architect

The first place that was crashed into was the North Tower of the World trade center, and that plane was operated by Mohammed Atta. He finished school with urban planning and architecture diplomas. He expressed his opinion that high-rise constructions in Cairo and other parts of the Middle eastern world brings hame to their culture by trying to mimic West world.

Ouija Board mystery

The Kenneth Novelty Company produces the most popular design of Ouija Board, it emerged in the 19th century. William Fuld was one of the company’s supervisor’s, he gained his fortune by building factories and selling these boards. In 1927 he jumped from the roof ofa factory, and he told everyone, that the board told him to do it. 

Architecture was an Olympic Sport

Inthe first 4 decades of the modern Olympic Games, 151 medals were given toartists like musicians, painters and architects. Baron Pierre de Couberin wasthe one who considered architecture and other forms of art an essential part ofthe competition. He was the one who founded the International Olympic Committee.  The most important rule was that every submission had to besports related.