Best Architecture Magazines for You to Discover


Information on the internet and all these news and social media sites can be over whelming sometimes, and you just need a good old fashion paper magazine (or digital nowadays) to inspire you more than just about one thing that you are interested in without distracting you with unnecessary news or just to relax and have agood read. Here are a couple of them for you to consider.


Thisis an online magazine. It’s the best one that you can find on the internet according to Google search criteria and their influence and popularity onsocial media. Their mission is to show carefully edited selections of design, architecture and interior projects from all around the world. Dezeen has around 84 new posts per week.

Architectural Digest

AD you can get in a printed monthly release or just by visiting their website. Asthey describe themselves, they are a celebration of talents, innovation andinspiration. The magazine launched in 1920 as a California trade quarterly andevolved to what it is today. Today, Architectural Digest is being published in9 languages and their brand has immeasurable influence in the world of interior design.  The magazine has an online shop on their website where you canpurchase everything from furniture to jewelry designed by architects.

Design Boom Magazine

This magazine has 3 main offices- Milan, Beijing and New York.  Their main goal is to publish as much as possible about contemporary issues and spark critical thinking for different kinds of art, architecture, technology and design. Design Boom is eager to bring value to its readers and enrich the dialogue between creative professionals.

Architecture Lab

Their focus is solely on architecture, everything from the history to new urban designs. The magazine has dedicated its time for research studies and sustainability. Editors pick the best of the best and post just 4 times per week, that means that you receive valuable information and don’t waste time with pop culture news. Main sections of the magazine include: Projects, competitions, interviews and recommendations for books and other magazines. Ifyou are searching for quality not quantity, then you must and check out ArchitectureLab.

Nytt Rom

Scandinavian styles are very popular now. More designers and architects are creating with Scandinavian principles in mind. This magazine has everything that you need to know about that style of work. It is very different from monotone mass-produceddécor magazines and it tries to underline that with every single article. NYTT Rom editorial office if located in the capital of Norway, Oslo. The magazine presents not just the architecture or design, but also the lifestyle, becauseit is a very big part of Scandinavian culture and relates to their cities, homes and everything that surrounds Scandinavians.

If you are one of architecture or design branch professionals, these magazines are going to help you stay on top with news from the creative part of the world, they will inspire your creativity and feed your mind with beautiful designs and ideas.