Bizarre architecture in United States


The United States of America has stunning buildings designed by famous architects like Frank Lloyd Wright or Louis Kahn, but it also has some ugly ones which became center of attraction because how crazy they look. Weird shapes and forms can be mesmerizing too.  It is also known as programmatic or mimetic style architecture which became popular in 1900s. Fruit stands were looking like oranges or footwear peddler was selling shoes on the giant boot. It lost its popularity, but buildings remained. Let’s check couple of them to understand how crazy it is and looks.

Biggest Happy Meal in the World, Texas

The craziest Macdonald in the world can be found at Montfort Drive in Dallas. Outside you can see all Happy Meal parts – cheeseburger, coke, fries and Ronald McDonald- the famous clown symbol of the restaurant and all these sculptures are huge. Inside it is fancier than any other McDonald because wallpaper is designed by Ralph Lauren, floors are made of granite and booths are mahogany.

Little Man Ice Cream Place

Almost ten meters tall and 6 tons weight cream can stand is in Denver and it is the most popular ice cream store. It was opened on the July 4th in 2008 and became immediate attraction for tourists and locals. It is a tasteful accent to the place, no crazy colors or shapes. Very accurate, but still not usual your type of ice cream store.

Dog Bark Park Inn

It is real and functioning bed and breakfast in Idaho, but in the shape of a beagle. It claims that it is the largest beagle in the world. Guests need to enter the body to access second story, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Locals call it Sweet Willy. You can rent it on Airbnb, and it costs 115 euro per night.

Bondurant’s Pharmacy in Kentucky

It was a pharmacy until 2011 in a shape of giant mortar and a pestle. These tools were commonly used by old pharmacists to mix and crush ingredients. Now it was repainted in exotic green color which looks even worst and there is a liquor store inside. The building should remind you and exotic cocktail, but by looking at it you can see just a weird green building.

The Big Chicken in Georgia

Red chicken is a symbol of Kentucky Fried Chicken as known as KFC.  But not every restaurant has its building looking like one. It was built in 1956 and standing still because its construction is made of steel. Even though it was damaged in 1993, but locals rebuilt it and it still looks creepy.

Dinosaurs in Cabazon

These structures can be spotted from very far and they are in Cabazon close to Palm Springs. There is a 100-ton Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus which is even bigger.  They even have names which are Mr. Rex and Dinny the Dinosaur and have made an appearance in the film Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. And this entry concludes this amusing and fascinating list.