Dubai’s Architectural Creation Knows No Bounds


Dubai is prominent for its ingenious architectural feats and incredible vision that it is not surprising that Dubai city is dotted with unusual structures and buildings. Regardless of whether you like awe-inspiring designs or are just looking for fantastic backdrops, the modern landmarks of Dubai are worth visiting. Dubai wants to re-invent itself with the dwindling oil reserves, and in the aim of staying relevant, it has tirelessly invested in the Engineering and Architecture projects leading to ‘Wonders of Dubai’ that it is attracting tourists in millions for investment these days.

A Few Architectural Creations

Burj Khalifa: Claiming to be the tallest building in the world, the Burj is now referred to as ‘Downtown Dubai’. It stands at 828m and was designed in 2006 by Adrian Smith. This human-made structure shot to fame owing to its height. It has the highest mosque on the 158th floor, the highest swimming pool on the 76th floor and on the 124th floor, the highest viewing platform. The design is aesthetic, and the shape ensures the building mass reduces with height making the structure stronger. It presents a mixed-use of the facility with offices, shops, entertainment venues, and residential sectors.

Palm Islands: Another human-made construction that is among the ten artificial islands, is an iconic engineering landmark in the world. This project encompasses Palm Jebel Alo, Palm Jumeirah, and Palm Deira. These impressive human-made islands are the world’s eighth wonder.

Cayan Tower: This is the second tallest building in the world with a 90-degree rotation. The structure of the building from the base to the roof is made in such a way that each storey is slightly rotated than the one below, giving it a 90-degree twist and is without any structural pillars. It is 306 meters tall and has 73 storeys.

Dubai Mall:  After several delays in 2008 the mall opened and is now the largest in the world as a shopping centre. There are over 1200 shops, massive entertainment zone, 160 restaurants, and a hotel. It has the Underwater Zoo and the Dubai Aquarium and houses the famous Dubai Fountain.

Ski DubaiThis is an indoor ski resort, located inside the Mall of Emirates. The sub-zero temperatures are maintained as required and are insulated efficiently. The place is always flocked with tourists who seek to enjoy some cool reprieve from the desert heat.

In recent years, Dubai city is the spotlight owing to the development, and its tallest buildings are some valid reasons to make this city outstanding. There are lots to see besides the human-made attractions from gold spa treatments to cupcake worth the US $1000.

  • Private Manmade Islands: The Dubai Palm Islands are naturally cool. The island was built using concrete tetrahedrons and sand, which aids the cold temperatures here.
  • Gold Spa treatments: A rejuvenating spa with gold treatment such that a 24 K gold facial is provided to give your skin a better look.
  • Diamond cocktails: Burj Al Arab Hotel, another architectural wonder features a Vintage Cognac of 1906 serving a cocktail adorned in a glass with Swarovski diamonds.
  • Police Cars: The Dubai police have expensive supercars right from Ferrari to Bugatti and a range of luxury cars. Of course, these speed cars burn a full tank in 12 minutes. If there’s one thing the Emirates have right, its the cars and their structures.