Innovative Ways to Include Fire doors in Architectural Designs


Fire doors are the doors specially made to limit the fire to one area of a building and not letting it affect the whole structure. These doors act as the exit routes in case of a fire breaking out. There are specific rules and regulations in every country about the standards of the fire doors.

Fire doors
Fire switch

The material used in fire doors

The material of fire doors can vary, but the content should be an excellent resistor to stop the fire. Usually, a fire door is made up of steel and fibre. It’s not just the materials that make a fire door useful, but the fittings of the door should also be built according to the regulations. Features like automatic closing are very crucial in a fire door. All the locking systems should always be working to ensure everything is okay in the case of a mishap. There are separate hinges and locks made for fire doors, which keep the material cool to push or pull while exiting.

Some common rules

Most of the countries have laws of having a fire door in every building, which has more than four floors. These doors are usually found in the area that has the staircase. It is mandatory in most countries to have two fire doors with enough space to accommodate a large number of people. It should also have facilities for disabled people. The fire doors should be able to keep people secure until the firefighters arrive.

Areas with an expectancy of a large number of people should have fire doors Incorporated inside its premises. Places like airports, railway stations, movie theatres, and malls should have their fire doors working all the time, and under every kind of situations. Buildings with multiple residents are also one of the most important places that should have fire doors, especially for the underground floors. Industries, especially those related to the electrical field, are most likely to catch fire. These buildings must have multiple fire doors inside it to keep their staff secure.

Outside all the fire doors, there should be proper boards with signs should be installed, for the people to follow the rules. A fire door must remain closed most of the times and should only be used in case of emergency. Some of the fire doors also have inbuilt sensors in them to sense fire and start working in case of a fire breakout. New technology with Wi-Fi connectivity in the fire doors is also available in the market.

Different laws in different countries

There are no rules regarding the appearance of a fire door. As long as the fire door is built and working according to the rules and regulations, it is okay to match your fire door with the theme of your building. There is no certification for the fire doors. If the door is good enough to resist fire, is according to the regulations, the door can be used. The rules and regulations in regard to the fire doors are different in different countries. Some other things should be taken care of with regards to the fire doors. For blackout scenarios, signs and way to the entrance should be written with the material that is watchable in the dark. It should also have all kinds of fire extinguishers. Water, carbon dioxide, and chemical powder fire extinguishers should all be available.