Legends of Modern Architecture


We encounter architecture every day from walking pass historical buildings to sitting at the office in a more modern space. When styles changed modern architecture was born. For some it looked like aliens and reminded something seen in movies or cartoons, for some these forms were as simple as they can be but materials where not the usual anymore. Let’s look at five most famous modern architects.

Frank Gehry is the phenomena who’s style you cannot mix with anyone else’s.  His forms are deconstructive and iconic. Tourists come from all over the world to see his work. Gehry was named “the most important architect of our age” by Vanity Fair. He was the one who set the precedence for contemporary architecture. Modernists most notable feats are to create spaces which manipulates forms and surfaces while using unique materials which defy the logic how they suppose to work together.

If you ask people interested in architecture, they will name Frank Lloyd Wright as the greatest architect they have ever encountered. He was way ahead of building forms and construction methods. Never got formal education but that did not stop him creating stunning interior and exterior. Wright was a humble American who got everything from his teacher Louis Sullivan who is another legend of modern architecture. His forms are organic and essential which makes his constructions look like part of the nature. Even after 150 years his innovative detailing are still considered to be the best building and design concepts.

Chinese architect Ieoh Ming Pei studied architecture in the United States of America. He uses various geometric forms and connected them with details taken from his homeland. Oei’s most known buildings are in Colorado- National Center for Atmospheric Research and Kennedy presidential Library and Museum in Boston, in Washington the national Gallery of Art. Back in China his famous work is the Bank of China.

Zaha Hadid is the first woman who won the Pritzker prize for architecture it is often called the Nobel prize of the architecture.  Architects construction forms can be called futuristic, breaking the standards and artistic. Her buildings leave the ones who sees them always with a question “How did she done that?”. She has a lot of projects that were designed but never built and she was ranked 69th most powerful woman in 2008. Hadid most known projects are Phaeno Science Center and the Opera House in Guangzhou.

Philip Johnson is the one who founded the Department of Architecture and Design in the MOMA museum in Ney York city. You can easily identify his work and separate it from others.  Johnson uses and connects glass and metal together.  His glass house in Connecticut is an example of minimalism. It was built in 1949. The space is open and used for residential purposes. He added something through the years to the estate, in 1963, built a glass pavilion, later an art gallery and concrete block dedicated to his friend, and a library. He also has designed the Crystal Cathedral in California, it looks like something taken from fairytale.