Noteworthy Innovation – Women in Architecture


Architecture is the reason we have the most beautiful structures around us. It is responsible for the houses that we live in and the design of the empire state building and the famous Eiffel tower in Paris. However, like many industries around the world, it is a male-dominated industry, meaning that there are little to no women who follow this career path for too long or rarely get to the top. There are many reasons as to why women don’t pursue this career, but the most glaring truth is the gender pay gap. When women spend years and years of time and money, only to find that the pay is not what they expected in the end, causes them to choose between staying in the career and work their way up with hard work or drop the profession altogether. Unfortunately, many prefer the latter. However, many women dedicating their lives to breaking barriers and conquering a male-dominated industry; in this case, architecture is one of them. Included in the list below are some hugely successful female architects to look out for.

Lina Bo Bardi

This famous architect is well known for her dedication towards her job. Her primary mission throughout her career was to explore and discover a new way to promote collective life and the social possibilities of design. For her designs, she used formal vocabulary, but she also searched for strong design concepts to help support her plans. However, her use of materials in parallel format highlighted the extent of her sensibility. According to her, architecture was considered as a possibility to get noticed and face different situations, not as built work. Throughout her career, Bardi created many emblematic buildings. Most of her creations were considered to be works of art, and the others were supposed to be instrumental pieces. One of her most impressive pieces of work includes the SESC Pompeia, which is located in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The structure consists of three concrete towers that are framed with aerial walkways and portholes that are designed to be asymmetrical.

Maya Lin

As a woman with 30 years of practice in her career, Maya Lin is the youngest architect to design a structure on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Upon designing and building the structure, Lin received many accusations that her design of the war memorial was insulting and controversial. The reason as to why her plan was misinterpreted was due to, the wall that she constructed around the war memorial. The wall had inscriptions of all the American warriors and soldiers that were lost in the war, which caused most of the controversial accusations against Lin. After multiple delays, the structure was finished in 1982, where it was thought of again as a modern and honorable way of designing memorials.

Odile Decq

Known more professionally as ‘The French Goth,’ Odile Decq is a French architect and academic. She is known for her designs and structures that she created, and as well for earning the Jane Drew prize in 2016. As a director of the Paris firm, Studio Odile Decq, her work is dedicated to a creating modern and high-tech design of buildings and structures. These structures are used in her art galleries and museums. Most of Decq’s designs are accented with a deep red which signifies her work.