Skills That Architects Need to Have


Architecture is a form of art. But those particular creations are enjoyed not just by person owning it, they also enrich the public and stand as a testament of the architect’s ability.  To become this kind of professional you need to have not only drawing or creative skills, but also bunch of others, among which is patience, imagination and vision.

Math an Engineering

To design a building which is not just pretty to look at but also functional and safe an architect needs to be familiar with physics and math. He or she needs to know what materials to use, how they react to different temperatures, how different structures perform under pressure. That means an architect needs to have a background in mathematics, physics, geometry. Specialist will have to deal with challenges like sustainability, energy efficiency, earthquake proof buildings. New challenges might come up the ones that you have never faced before, you as a professional will have to be innovative and always learning.


Aesthetics is a major component in a building. You as an architect need to have knowledge of history, to understand architecture as an art, be familiar with artistic movements and have a creative side. Design training is going to help you with that. Tasks are going to take you out of the comfort zone and teach you think out of the box to create something different.

Computer Literacy

These days nothing is done by hand. All plans, simulations, artistic renderings are done on the computer with various programs. It makes everyone’s life easier and projects are done faster and with no possibility of mistakes if everything is done professionally.

Communication Skills

Architect needs to work closely with construction personnel, clients, engineers and other stakeholders who are involved with a project. To design and manage everything successfully and in any other business communication is the key. Architect needs to know how to listen, respond and give feedback without creating drama. No architect can create and do everything alone, it is a team work.

Business Knowledge

You cannot sit and wait for projects to come to you. If you are not working for a firm and want to make a name for yourself, you will have to market yourself as a professional. Know how to hire people, how to manage your assets and office.

Laws and Codes

You must know local laws and manage what, where, when and how can something be built. That’s why architect needs to have not just basic knowledge, but study law too. Some of the regulations might not involve architect and project at the present time, but it might be needed in the future and just to be sure that everything was done right. As you can see it is not enough to finish architecture at the university and be a professional. You constantly need to be learning and interested in your surroundings because every additional skill can be a huge bonus for an architect’s career that will fulfill his or her work.