Skyscrapers of the world


Some of the most mesmerizing buildings of the world are skyscrapers, they are too high to see their top from the ground, and you can feel the building moving from the wind if you are inside, and they have breath taking architecture. Let’s look at some of them the tallest ones, famous and beautiful human-built miracle; that is, if you are not afraid of heights.

1) Burj Khalifa is in Dubai and is 828 meters tall. It was completed in 2010 and now is the tallest building in the world. Inside, you can find a hotel, office spaces and residential areas of use. It is different from others because it generates electricity itself to service the whole needs of the building. It uses sun and wind as energy sources. Some people say that the building reminds them of a desert flower.

2) The second tallest building in the world is Shanghai Tower in China. It is 632 meters tall. You can visit the highest indoor observation deck in this building and be amazed by the unique panoramic view of Huangpu River and other skyscrapers like the World Financial Center on the east side. The Tower has 2 glass facades, outer and inner. They look like overlapping tubes.

3) One World Trade center is known as the Freedom Tower. It was built on the 9/11 accident ground. It was built under the supervision and requirements of New York city police and safety department. The trade Center is 541 meters tall and is used only for commercial purposes. Companies like the Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Channel 2, 4, 5, 7 and others are on the 110th floor.

4) Makkah Royal Clock Tower is 601 meters tall and is in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This building brings modernism and history together. It was built as a part of the project to accommodate devoted Muslims that travel to the city to pray every year during Hajj period. The Location is very convenient because its located adjacent to the Grand Mosque. The tower can accommodate 2 million travelers at the time of the event.

5) Petronas Twin Towers 1 and 2 are the same height – 451, 9 meters. They were built in 1998 in Kuala Lumpur. These buildings were the tallest until 2004. The architect said that these towers were inspire by the hope of the country to become a global player and captures the nation’s ambitions and aspirations. Between these Twins there is a bridge, which is glass covered in stainless steel to protect visitors from the tropical sun.

6) Federation Tower is in Moscow, Russia. It is a complex of 2 skyscrapers- Vostok and Zapad, in English it means East and West. On the thirteenth floor you can find the Moscow International Business Center. Also, you can find a 5-star hotel, luxury apartments and retail areas. On the 61st floor you can find the tallest restaurant in the country called “Sixty”.