What Makes a Good Architect

Architect working

An architect is a very sought after occupation for many. A job in architecture is very demanding, but fulfilling and respectable. The pay is good and for many, they don’t look at it as work, simply because they truly have a passion for design. Since architecture is such a common dream job for so many people, you may be wondering what exactly does it take to be a good architect? Well, that answer really depends on the individual, however, there are certain qualities that make up a successful architect. Keep reading to find out what makes a good architect.

Amazing Sense of Design

Group of people sitting at table with sketch

Group of people sitting at table with sketch

A successful architect has an amazing eye for design and pays great attention to detail. Architects can easily translate ideas onto scrap pieces of paper or even napkins and present them to clients. A good architect can easily create a design simply by listening to what the client wants and by thinking of new ideas. Architects are creative, and creative people naturally think of solutions that will make projects better.

Good Drawing Skills

Normally, people who have a passion for art, sketching, and drawing are naturally drawn to a career in architecture. It’s no secret that architects need to be able to draw really well. Being creative and having the ability to draw will take an architect a very long way. You don’t necessarily have to be born with good drawing skills, although, it does help. However, you can take art or design classes where you can learn to better your drawing skills to ensure you’re the best architect possible.

Be a Visionary

Architects are naturally visionaries with big ideas, much like fashion designers, life coaches, and entrepreneurs. A good architect has the ability to visualize how things will turn out in their head and on paper before they ever even exist. Architects plan out things and know exactly how they’re going to turn out, even if no one else can see it. You must be a visionary and be able to drown out any negative voices who say that your ideas are too big or that something can’t be done. If you’re better at seeing the forest than the trees, then a job as an architect may just be for you.

Problem Solver

Good architects are naturally problem solvers, and they do so creatively. Architects have the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently. They know exactly how to address problems that arise with solutions. They are almost always equipped with backup plans in case something else comes up. Many times, good architects sense problems before they even happen and are most often always prepared for them.


Another quality that good architects possess is a natural love and passion for their work. Since most architects’ careers usually stem from their love of sketching and drawing, it’s only normal for them to take great pride in every single project that they’re involved in. They embody their work and care a great deal about putting out only their best work. People who are passionate about their work are naturally more excited, and people who are excited are going to always have better results no matter what they’re working on.

Team Player

What really makes a great architect is their ability to be a team player and collaborate with others. Architects work with and come in contact with a lot of different people to get projects done, from other architects to clients, engineers, builders, and investors. They need to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate for the project to turn out. Good communication skills also go a long way since it’s so important to be able to convey messages and ideas to the best of their ability.

Person sketching with pen

Person sketching with pen

Being Competitive

A good architect is also competitive, and a successful architect must have a competitive nature in order to stay in the game, since architecture is a very competitive field. As an architect of over twenty years, I like to think of my career as an intense basketball game or intense game of poker, like on pokerstars casino. When playing these types of games, I am always on top of my game and two steps ahead of my opponents. With talented architects everywhere you turn, it’s so important to be the best you can be and try your best with every project that you work on.

If you have dreams of being an architect one day, it is important for you to know what makes a good one. Hone in on your skills, and find out what it is you’re good at. Brush up and practice on the things that you are not. I, personally, wasn’t the best drawer when I first realized I was interested in architecture, but that didn’t stop me. I took the necessary classes to ensure that I’d become good enough to live out my dreams. Do what you can to make sure you can acquire the qualities that make for a successful architect and you will go far.